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The Camp Out PT 3

Ok, if ya ain't sufficiently cunning to sort that out, that was reveille. 

Kenny Mattox belts out the entire thing on his bugle. 

Two b o y s at the banner post are raising the Americn banner, the Texas state banner, and our team banner. Mr. Abernathy comes darting out of their tent wearing simply a pr of sweats. "Matthew—Matthew- - what's that screwing commotion"? He asks in right around a frenzy. I streak a smile as Kelso and me rise out of our tent, bearing just our fighters, and about a large portion of a faux pas :). "Morning campers—as John Wayne would say- - 'were consuming sunshine" . 

The line begins rapidly as a large portion of the b o y s line up for their first mug of espresso, as the smell of bacon and eggs rapidly swirls into the atmosphere about the camping area. Around 6 tables were set up, and I wave for the Abernathy's to join Dustin and me. Giving them some espresso, with the 'trimmings' currently on the table, Mrs. Abernathy shouts about the magnificence of the espresso. "Indeed ma'mm—open fire camp espresso—best there is". Corey shows up in one minute with plates of bacon, frankfurter, and eggs. Alongside bread rolls and sauce, and pours up more espresso. A portion of the b o y s choose logs or shakes for less intricate food like cereal, or chocolate milk and pop tarts. "I should say Matthew—ya'll got a ton of association here" Mr. Abernathy remarks. "Ya—we've had around 3 years currently to rehearse" I grin, as I take one more taste of my espresso. We take part in a touch more chatter as we scarf down the food. The three b o y s on KP are as of now tidying up tables and getting rubbish, getting together the morning food stuff, and planning for lunch. 

Aight—assemble round". I start. "Most importantly, I need to present Johnny here—we got him the truck stop yesterday". A few chuckles could be heard. "This here is his folks, Mr. and Mrs. Abernathy—they might spend time with us daily or so too, so be on your acceptable conduct. Billy and Riley pulled observe the previous evening—so they need to get some rest. Dustin will take Johnny for first day preparing. Those three around there are now on KP. I will pass on today too to co-ordinate stuff. Most of you can go so that the attract might be able to see who rides first". 

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